Thank you for visiting the website of the Korean ITS Society!
I am Professor Sangwoon Lee of Namseoul University, who will serve as the 19th President of the Korean ITS Society in 2021.

Founded in 2002 to encourage academics and research related to ITS and promote information sharing and friendship among members, our society has contributed a lot to the development of the ITS field at home and abroad.
Our society, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, exceeded 3,000 individual members and 100 institutional members in 2019, and has its own secretariat and meeting space, which is the cradle of the society's activities, and is the foundation for the second development. And established itself as a middle school.
In 2020, even amid the unfavorable conditions caused by the unprecedented corona crisis, we have produced even more achievements, such as holding a webinar that is broadcast in real time without shrinking.

In addition to ITS, which is the subject of our society, we are accepting various fields such as C-ITS, connected cars, autonomous vehicles, drones, CV2X, 5G, big data, AI, and MaaS with an open mind. Therefore, we are contributing to resolving issues related to ITS and supporting policies while maintaining close cooperation with related ministries and organizations such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Communication, and the National Police Agency as well as academics, companies, and research.

In order for our society to lead domestic and international ITS and contribute to the construction of a future mobility environment, it should be a platform where researchers and experts from various major backgrounds can gather and collaborate. I, the executives, and the secretariat will do their best so that the society can fulfill this role, and I will always listen to the opinions of members with an enthusiasm.
Lastly, I wish all of you members to be healthy and fulfill all your wishes!

Thank you !

Sang-Woon Lee, President of the Korean ITS Association