Dear Members of the Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems,

The Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems was founded in 2002 as a result of the cooperation between industry, academia and research institutes in the field of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), which establishes transportation system by combining communication and transportation engineering

With 2,800 members and more than 80 members registered, the Institute has contributed greatly to Korean ITS industry through policy development and research and development (R&D) with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korean National Police Agency and the local governments. Based on local ITS implementation, road traffic management system, traffic information, and rate collection system performed in Korea, we are also contributing to the overseas advancement of domestic technology. In recent years, AV-based traffic systems have become visible with the introduction of V2V- and V2X-based Co-operative ITS, using the local area network.

Recognizing the importance of rapidly changing industrial structures and convergence technologies, the Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems has strived to align the organization and increase its members to create new values on the basis of ITS-based technologies. It has been established as an institute, creating new values and containing knowledge of experts through convergence of ITS-related industries. Now, it is time to continuously capture new knowledge and play a role as an institute, thinking about what the future holds for us.

The Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems should become the platform for experts creating opportunities of hope through the power of collective intelligence. I hope we can find a solution together on this platform and overcome our fears of the uncertain future. Lastly, I wish 2019 to become a year for all members to create a future hope on the platform of the institute.

President of the Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems