Greetings The Korean Society of Intelligent Transport Systems

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President Sangho Choo
Hello, I am Professor Sangho Choo of Hongik University, the 22nd president of the Korea ITS Society, also known as the Korea Institute of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The Korea ITS Society was established in 2002 to promote technological development and talent cultivation through knowledge exchange between ITS-related disciplines and researchers. Now, it has established itself as a core academic society with over 4,000 members.

In addition to ITS and C-ITS, our society is accepting various fields such as connected cars, self-driving cars, UAM, CV2X communication, big data, AI, and MaaS, which are of high social interest recently. Therefore, we are contributing greatly to resolving ITS-related issues and supporting policies while maintaining close cooperative relationships with not only schools, companies, and research institutes, but also related ministries and organizations such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the National Police Agency.

By issuing 『Journal of the Korean ITS Society』, a KCI-registered journal, six times a year, we are laying the groundwork for sharing research results in the ITS field. In addition, spring and fall conferences are held to establish academic communication and networks among scholars. And while conducting various workshops, we are contributing to improving the research capabilities of our members.

The active participation and encouragement of our members has been the background in which our society has been able to make academic and practical contributions to the advanced transportation field for the past 21 years. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I am also deeply grateful to the past presidents and executives who have put forth their utmost efforts so that our society can fulfill its various roles.

The Korea ITS Society plans to operate with the goal of publishing academic journals, holding seminars and academic conferences, establishing an industry-academia-research cooperation system, and promoting ITS-related international exchanges and research projects. Together with the 21st executives, we will do our best to present academic achievements, which is the major duty of the society, and to provide a place to form a network among scholars.

We look forward to your continued interest and active participation in the future.

Thank you

Sangho Choo, Ph.D.
President of the Korea ITS Society